• For 700-3500mm rotary heat exchangers
  • Speeds 5-250 rpm
  • RotoSense™ electronic rotation sensor
  • Three sizes 700-1500mm, 1500-2500mm and 2500-3500mm

EMX-R manual

EMX-R brochure

Complete EMX-R packages

Package includes following components:

  • Control unit
  • Motor
  • Motor assembly kit with vibration dampers
  • Pulley and taper bush
  • Belt
  • Cable glands 4 x M20 + 1 x M12

EMX-R packages are available for following sizes:

  • 700-1500mm rotary heat exchangers
  • 1500-2500mm rotary heat exchangers
  • 2500-3500mm rotary heat exchangers

EMX-R packages directly from our stock!


  • Rotary heat exchangers max. diameter 5500mm
  • Speed 8-200 rpm
  • Control unit based on Emotron FDU AC drive + worm gear with motor

EMX-D manual