Special voltage motors

WEG / WATT EUSAS® (Europe – USA – Asia) special voltage motors with fast delivery times.

WEG / WATT EUSAS® (Europe – USA – Asia) motors function with nearly all possible global voltages. Motors have 9-pin terminal board which enables the use of different voltages on a same motor. Motors are stocked in Europe and can be delivered quickly if needed.

• Voltage range 110V – 690V 50/60 Hz
• Switchable voltage (D, Y, DD, YY)
• Efficiency IE3
• Tropic-proof insulation system
• Nameplate with 50/60 Hz data
• Thermal protection: bi-metal switch and PTC-thermistors
• Aluminium frame IEC80 – IEC200 and cast iron frame IEC225 – IEC315
• Approvals: on nameplate as standard CE, CSA, UL, EAC