VS10/30 and DSV15/35

VS10/30 ja DSV15/35

Although small in size, our new Emotron VS10 and VS30 drives are equipped with several advanced features. The compact format offers flexible installation and the user-friendly set-up means your system will be operational in no time. Emotron VS10 and VS30 offer reliable and cost-efficient operation of your pumps, fans and compressors as well as constant torque applications.
The complete series covers motors in the power range of 0.25 – 7.5 kW.

Emotron DSV is suitable for more demanding applications where high functionality and limited space is vital. The DSV drives offers Ethernet based fieldbuses and STO as well as possibility of encoder connections and a servo style performance with both asynchronous and synchronous motors. DSV in protection class IP20 is intended for cabinet build and side-by-side mounting. Despite its advanced functionality it is easy to install with the “Easy Starter” installation software, allowing you as a user to intuitively program DSV and VS drives.
The complete series covers motors in the power range of: 0.24kW-30kW, 230-400V AC.