Fulfilling demands

It has been a record-breaking beginning of year 2023 for Tammotor!

We have delivered for example stainless steel gearmotors, NEMA-motors, IP66-motors and many more non-standard motors.

Below are some photos of motors delivered in January: a 6-pole 250kW B35 IE4 motor suitable for 690V inverter duty, a reduced frame (IEC250) 75kW 4-pole B35 IE4 motor and IEC355 315kW motor designed for crusher use.

WEG has all the global approvals for electric motors and CE, UL/CSA, EAC and UKCA are always stamped on motor nameplate as standard. From production motors can be delivered all around the world.

Tammotor can help you with all kinds of demands regarding electric motors, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the biggest electric motor stock in Finland ready to help you.

Whatever your demands are, we will have a solution.